Our Wedding

Saturday, August 19, 2017
4:00 PM
Attire: Semi Formal
Ceremony and Reception
The Lodge At Tahoe Donner
12850 Northwoods Blvd, Truckee, CA 96161 USA
Our Story
He Knocked, She Answered

It felt very quiet that Tuesday in October of 2012—Melissa's house was obviously empty. All of her loving and supportive family and friends were no longer right by her side; everyone had returned to their everyday lives—even Brenna and Reed had gone to school that morning. So, it was Melissa's turn to do the same. She had a full work schedule, but Sina made sure that she could work from home that day. Phone calls and catching up on work emails seemed to be just enough to do. She wore no make-up, her favorite jean cut-off shorts and with all three dogs by her side, Melissa sat by her computer with only one reasonable goal in mind. Stay calm and carry on!

Tim—known as Scotty by his family—was in a hurry that warm October day. He had lots of clients to attend to after a long weekend of fun; and with an employee out sick for the day, he had a route to pick-up and much more. He had never been to Melissa's house in any of the 7 years that she was a client of Tim's Pool Service.

To Melissa's surprise, Tuesdays were busy at her house. The house cleaners were provoking the dogs with the vacuum cleaner and the barking made conference calls impossible. So, when the house cleaner informed her that the pool man was at her front door, Melissa went down the stairs—a little bit annoyed and still very much out of sort—and opened the door to a tall man wearing a Tim's Pool Service shirt. Tim had found himself in that common situation of speaking with a stay home mom that most definitely would not believe that her barking dogs were mean, even though he had a client card that read that way. What he did not expect was to make her tear up a bit when he informed her that the dogs were, in fact, mean; he only wished to service the pool and get on with his busy day. "My dogs are not mean," she told him. Melissa sent the tall man to the side gate and promised to keep the dogs in the house.

Melissa wondered where the regular pool man was. Maybe this guy was at her house to turn off the pool solar on the roof. She returned to her conference call with a bluetooth in her ear and noticed the tall pool man seemed to be hanging around her backyard longer than usual. She went outside to ask the tall man about her regular pool man. This time the tall man seemed more approachable and offered to turn the solar off.

Tim noticed something a bit different about this client; she was pacing and talking at the same time—as seemingly busy as she was pretty—with green eyes and long dark hair. Her hands were flying while she spoke on her cell phone with animation. She asked him a question about her usual pool man, learning he was out sick. Tim shared he was having a "bad day," to which Melissa replied she was "having a bad year." He learned of her tragic and recent loss and shared a bit of his story—a recent divorce, and his sons Tanner and Travis out of the house and off to college. Before Tim left Melissa's backyard that day, he left her a note (below) with his name and telephone number. His instructions were quite clear—"Call me if you just need to talk."

Melissa and Tim—having found each other and a lifetime of love and happiness—would never be the same. Everything changed that Tuesday.

The Note